Hannah has always loved Legos. She and Olivia will play with the Lego Duplos all afternoon. Recently, Hannah discovered Lego Friends and received quite the collection of them at Christmas.

To store the Duplos, we have a table that rolls under the bed and a large bin for the blocks. I knew something like that wasn’t going to cut it because of two reasons. One has two baby legs, is about two feet high, and loves to get into everything. The other is furry, has four legs, and loves to chew on anything but especially all things small and plastic. Hannah also prefers to leave the sets together once they are made and play with them more like a doll house.

I found an inexpensive cube bookshelf from Target that was also lightweight so I could mount it on the wall. I used a couple of leftover shelf brackets from Ikea for the bottom and L brackets to secure the top.

I really tried to keep it simple and added a few fun details, but I really wanted to Hannah to make it her own and to use her imagination. And, despite its simplicity, it keeps busy, almost-two year olds from grabbing tiny pieces and crazy puppies from terrorizing the town!

Lego Friends Storage

On one square, I used an old photo of an empty Main Street at the Magic Kingdom so she can pretend that her friends are in Walt Disney World.

Lego Friends Storage

On another square, I used a strand of LED Christmas lights. She can pretend that they are stars or make the lights flash to put on a show with her stage.

Lego Friends Storage

I love that she plays with Legos and don’t mind that they made this line extra girly. She loves them and does a great job at putting the sets together! Legos teach her to follow directions and her incredible imagination and story-telling comes out when she plays. She is counting down the days to her birthday and saving her money to get some of the new Disney Princess Lego sets, too!

Lego Friends