We found out the gender of Baby #3 right before Christmas so we decided to use our time with our families over the holidays to tell each of them in a fun way. For my family, we filled a large box with balloons. It was so full that the balloons flew out when the box was opened. On one of the balloons, I taped the sonogram picture and, on another, wrote our little one’s name. (Sorry, I can’t find a picture from that day!)

For Chet’s family, we bought cans of silly string and removed the lids so no one would know the color until we started spraying.

Silly String Baby Gender Reveal

If you can’t tell, the color of the silly string is pink and purple! Yes, we are having another girl! While we would have been just as excited if it were a boy, we are thrilled to have another girl on the way. Hannah and Olivia are very excited as well!

Olivia did not care for the silly string, but she had fun playing in the rocks with me later to spell her baby sister’s name. Her name will be Eleanor Claire. We will call her Ellie for short. Olivia named her new baby doll that Santa brought “Baby Ellie” and is already calling her old room “Ellie’s Room.”

We are all counting down the weeks until the first of May! To help the girls understand the time, I bought this countdown chain from {this} Etsy shop. It is customized to my due date. Each link shows how big Ellie is during the current week compared to a fruit or vegetable. Hannah loves taking a link off each week!

Weekly Baby Countdown