It is December 1 so that means that Buddy, our elf, is back! Last year, we took a different spin on our Elf on the Shelf and decided to continue it again this year. Instead of the elf reporting the girls’ behavior back to Santa each night, we use this opportunity to teach them about unconditional love and grace.

Elf on the Shelf

Sometimes Buddy makes decisions when he comes out to play that aren’t always the best choices just like anybody else would. But we use those times to help him learn better choices, help him clean up his mess, and still love him regardless of the decision he made.

We apply the same idea to Santa Claus. Santa isn’t up there waiting for us to mess up so he can add us to the naughty list. He loves all of the little children and wants to bring something special to them regardless of how they behave. He prefers that they always act their best, but knows that can be a very difficult thing for kids. This is the view of Christianity that we are trying to teach our girls. We don’t want them to think that God and Jesus are just waiting for us to completely mess up. We need to always try to be like Jesus but when we do make a wrong choice (because we will) that they will help us, forgive us, and love us still. And that we should be willing to do the same when others do wrong against us.

Buddy arrived this morning with a new Bible for Hannah. I finally found a kids’ Bible that has every scripture in it and is on a reading level that she can understand and will soon be able to read herself.

Junior Adventurers Bible

In the past, our Advent calendar has been full of activities to fill the days until Christmas. Our days are already so full and that is too much pressure for this mama so this year, we are reading a few verses each day (from the new Bible!) about the coming of Jesus. We will still do some of those activities but just as we have time!


I found this fun countdown where Hannah gets to scratch off each day and see what our daily reading is. I love that all I had to do was print it off, fill in the scriptures, laminate, and paint the circles. (You can find it here.)


This Christmas season is all about simplicity! Simple decorations, simple gift shopping, simple crafts and cooking, and just simply being together!