We finally made it to California and what a trip it has already been! Chet spoke in Jackson, Mississippi the Thursday night before we needed to be on the road to Lubbock for another engagement on Friday night. Thankfully, flights were running on time and he arrived home to a van full of luggage and girls ready to hit the road. We made it to the next speaking engagement with time to spare!

After spending a wonderful morning with my grandparents the next day, we headed out west, excited to see parts of the country we had never been to before. Olivia decided to add her own excitement to the trip with stomach troubles during the drive. After several outfits changes (one in the trash), carpet cleaner, one exhausted mama, and a bottle of Lysol, we are all doing much better and finally enjoying our trip!

I never realized what the middle of no where really meant until our drive west! Not only were there very few towns and places to stop along the way but there were places were it seemed to only be a few shrubs dotting the landscape for as far as we could see. Yet in the middle of the emptiness, it was still beautiful and impressive in its own way. I loved watching the landscape subtly change as we drove west. From the vastness of the Llano Estacado to the desert to the sand dunes to the mountains to the coast. The most impressive change was going from the desert side of the mountains where everything is brown and rocky to the coastal side where it is green and lined with trees all within the same mountain range.

We are spending a few days in San Diego enjoying the wildlife parks before heading north to see the Mouse. Our hotel is in the harbor and the sea lions “sing” us to sleep every night! Here are the girls exploring the nearby park. More pictures to come soon!

San Diego kids