Chet’s parents recently moved down to the coast of Texas so we decided to all head down there to celebrate down there to spend some time together for Christmas. We rented both sides of a duplex that was within walking distance to the beach and enjoyed several days together. We even all headed up to their new church on Sunday morning. Chet’s brother-in-law taught class and Chet and his dad preached their normal sermon together that morning.

After a quick look to see what Santa had brought for us on Christmas morning, we loaded up the car and headed down to Padre Island. You can kind of see that each girl received an American girl doll from Santa in the picture below. Olivia also got an iPad mini from Mom and Dad just like her sister already had. Quietest road trip ever…


It was too cold for most of us to really enjoy the beach, but these two crazy girls had a blast playing in the ocean and then came back and jumped into our heated pool at the duplex. Their lips were purple by the time they were finished!



On our last day there, we head to Corpus Christi to visit the Texas State Aquarium. It was really neat place with a variety of animals. The girls loved the underwater viewing of the dolphin tank. We could have stayed down there all day!


Texas State Aquarium Texas State Aquarium

The sea turtles were very friendly and swam very close to the viewing windows.

Texas State Aquarium


Olivia surprised me with how close she wanted to be to the animals. She has always enjoyed watching them, but always from a “safe” distance even with the glass. She asked me to take her picture with the crocodile that was resting right in front of the glass!


Texas State Aquarium

There were hermit crabs and other small animals that you could pick up and touch. Of course, the girls were more than happy to let Uncle Randy do all of the holding!

Texas State Aquarium