Disney Cruise Line

I was reminded today just how incredibly blessed we are as I watched my two girls walk hand in hand to board the Disney Dream. Just over six years ago, we weren’t even sure we could have children and were very unhappy with our jobs at the time. The future was very uncertain. Then, we found out Hannah was on her way and Olivia would follow four years later. We took a leap of faith by quitting our jobs and starting Off to Neverland. Our travel company has grown more than we could ever have imagined. It has allowed us to both be home with the girls and to share our love of travel with them.

We still have our ups and downs and not everything always goes as we plan. (The girls were supposed to be two years apart, not four in my plan.) It is still difficult at times to take a step back and have faith in God’s timing, but I have found that it is definitely easier the more I give it all to Him. And counting my blessings more often makes the not-so-fun stuff that much easier to work through.