We just wrapped up our unit on plants. Hannah learned all about the parts of plants and trees as well as what plants need to survive. We had a lot of fun with this unit and conducted several experiments to learn about them.

We tried to grow lima bean plants but I think our lima beans may have been too old. Only one of the four grew a tiny root. I think we will try this one again but with new lima beans and maybe with a different container. Hannah observed the changes each day in her lima bean journal.

Lima Bean Plants

She also took three plants and gave one only water, one only sunlight, and one both water and sunlight.

Hannah observed them each day for two weeks. She used an awesome app on the iPad called Noteshelf. It allows you to draw and write just as you would with regular paper plus you can add pictures. It has several different ways to customize the journals with different colors and papers. She loves to use the app to take photos and write about her toys (without my prompting)!


Noteshelf iPad AppTo show how the water travels up the stem of the flower, we dyed our water with liquid food coloring and used white carnations. The water and dye both travel up the stem, then the water evaporates leaving the color on the petals.

Dying Flowers with Food ColoringWe used what she learned last week about the color wheel to mix colors. It took several hours to start seeing a little bit of color on the shorter stems. The picture below is after three days.

Dying Flowers with Food ColoringHannah also sequenced the life cycle of a plant, compared/ contrasted different kinds of seeds, and read the Parable of the Sower for our Bible story. We also planted some sunflower and daisy seeds this week. Hopefully, those will fare better than our lima bean plants!

Kindergarten Plant Unit