We ended up being stuck in our house last weekend for four and half days! That ice storm put everything on hold and even cancelled church on Sunday. Because of that and a quick trip to Oklahoma City, my days are all kinds of mixed up! Here is what we have been up to this week.

The weather last week was so crazy! It looked like snow but it mostly ice so it was very hard and slick. It piled up against our garage and left a six inch lip so even if we wanted to, we couldn’t get out. We were so thankful for a stocked pantry and heat!

Texas Ice Storm

We continued to have school on our school days and did lots of craft projects during the weekend. Since we didn’t have to cancel school, we finished our work up early for the week and snuck off to see Disney’s Frozen on Thursday. It was a fun date with just Hannah since we had just dropped Olivia off at preschool. (Such a great movie! I highly recommend it!)

Kids Christmas Crafts

These two girls are such sweet sisters and friends. They love and adore each other!


Olivia has such curly hair! She definitely does not get that from me. I just love to play with her curls!

We headed up to Oklahoma City to see my sister graduate from Oklahoma Christian University (my alma mater!). It was fun to be back on campus even for a short time. Congrats, Jamie!


Our elf, Buddy, took a little trip while we were gone, too. This is how we found him this morning. Can you guess where he went?

Elf on the Shelf

The office is still slowly coming together. The Disney Parks put out an awesome calendar for 2014 that features old vintage ride and attraction posters. Since we happened to be both in Walt Disney World and in Disneyland in the same month, we picked both calendars up so we can have posters from each coast. They come in mini poster size, textured, and were perforated so it easy to put them in frames. The frames were delivered this week and I am so excited to get them up on the wall!

Vintage Disney Posters

life rearranged