I have not done a great job with snapping pictures on my phone the last few weeks! Here are a few that I did take the last couple of weeks in no particular order.

Olivia’s favorite place while Hannah is working at the table is right beside her doing her “school work”, too!

Olivia had a stuffy nose and cough last weekend so we stayed home from church. She got a bit stir crazy with Hannah and Daddy gone from home so long, so I stuck some clear contact paper on the back door, sticky side out and we stuck anything we could find on it!

We got our new couch yesterday! We took our other couches out a couple of days ago so the living room had a ton of extra floor space. The girls loved playing and dancing in the extra space! (Can you spot the monkey in the picture?)

Hannah loves to paint and create. She painted this birdhouse last week one day when it was too cold to be outside. We’ll hang it up outside when it gets warmer.

I ordered this cute little picnic table for the girls a few weeks ago. The girls love playing restaurant and have picnics in the living room.

Ketchup and green beans. Yum!

life rearranged