I finally remembered to snap a few pictures on my phone this week for InstaFriday!

Breakfast at Tiffany's ShowerI hosted a personal shower for my sister last weekend. She loves classic Audrey Hepburn movies like I do so it was themed to the movie, Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Jamie’s style is more vintage than glamour so we went with that side of the movie instead of the jewelry store.

We took the month of May off from school because of our trip. We’ll work some through June. I’ve used these last two weeks of May to get things updated and finished around the house. The biggest project right now is painting our great room. The living room, dining room, and kitchen are all in one big room. I am also painting the hallways, ceilings, and entry way because all of the corners in our home are rounded, even the ceiling, so it is difficult to find a clean stopping point. I am excited with how much cleaner and brighter everything is already looking!

I wait to roll on the walls until the girls are asleep but will do some of the detail brush work while they are awake. I did that mostly to keep Olivia out of the paint. She hasn’t really cared about it and keeps telling me, “Messy mess!” Of course, I forgot to take Pluto into consideration. He decided to add some texture to a freshly painted wall and then promptly laid down on his side to paint the floor!

The girls spent the night with their grandparents last weekend with their cousin, Maddie. I received this cute collage. They have so much fun together!

Olivia has become such a little mama recently. She loves playing with baby dolls, carries around the diaper bag, changes their diapers and gives them lunch. Too cute!

Disney Cruise LineOkay, so this one is from our cruise a few weeks ago, but I just love this picture!

I am seriously overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support that my post about our marriage has received in the last few days. I started this blog as a journal about our family’s life, our homeschooling journey, and a scrapbook of our travels. I never dreamed that I would go viral on Facebook even if it was just viral through our family and friends. So, thank you, for your continued love and support of our family. We love each of you and are so blessed that you are all in our lives. Have a wonderful weekend!

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