We have been working on school again for three weeks so I still haven’t really had a chance to catch up on the blog and I haven’t taken very many pictures lately. Here are a few that I did find on my phone from the last few weeks.

fountainChet and Hannah finished up their summer movie program today. Olivia and I headed to the shopping area by the movie theater and had fun shopping and seeing the many fountains!

playgroundA few weeks ago, we had a few beautiful October-type weather days in August. We took advantage and spent as much time outside as we could. We are back to the 100 degree days now!

schoolI came into the living room and found these two reading quietly in their princess dresses! Dressing up makes school even more fun!

slideOlivia conquered her fears of slides this summer!

snow white

annaOlivia has also discovered how much fun it is to dress up. She has a princess dress or her Doc McStuffins lab coat (Mom’s old button down white shirt) on at some point every day. We received the Princess Anna dress in the mail today. I wasn’t sure it was going to come off for bed!

life rearranged