It is time for another InstaFriday! This week has flown by! Here is a little of what we have been up to this week.

Olivia is starting preschool this fall. I have been hesitant to give her any peanut butter because of her other allergies, but knew I needed to be able to tell the preschool if it was safe or not. We gave her a small amount on some bread. Within half an hour, she had bright red hives all over her. Even her ears had swelled up and turned bright red. Thankfully, she never had any difficulty breathing. We have been okayed by our pediatrician to give her Benadryl to help her flare ups in the past. It cleared up the hives and her body got rid of the peanut butter. She was back to herself after that. So, no peanuts for our girl. We are adding that to the list of no gluten and no eggs. (Eggs only in concentrated form like scrambled eggs. She does fine if it is baked into cookies or something else. Weird.) (I don’t normally take pictures of my kids when they are unhappy. I needed some to show our pediatrician. We were cuddling other than those few minutes!)


Daddy/ daughter date last week to see Planes!


Our little daredevil figured out how to climb to the top of Hannah’s bunk bed. I need to figure out how to put up a baby gate on those steps!


We’ve had a great week in school this week! We made popcorn while we were learning about our five senses.


And we made rhyming word families with Legos!

sister love

Olivia loves to be outside and will take every opportunity to get out, even if it just means taking Pluto out. We lingered a bit last night because it was so pleasant! Her new favorite word this week is “airplane”. She loves finding them in the sky. We are so close to an airport and a military base that they fly over often!

outside with dad

life rearranged