What a crazy, fast week this has been! Here is just some of what we have been up to this week.

This is the main reason for the craziness. We are leaving soon for Walt Disney World! ¬†We get to test out Disney’s new technology, the Magic Bands. The Magic Bands are a wrist band that works as the resort hotel room key and your ticket to the parks. They are embedded with RFID technology. It will also work with Disney’s Fastpass system and Photopass. Since we are huge Disney nerds, we are always excited to try out their latest technology! Hannah is excited because she can make it pretty with charms and covers.

Walt Disney World Magic Bands

We stopped in for dinner at Chick-fil-a and traded in the kids’ toys for free ice cream. (Love that you can do that!) They were out of little ice cream cups so they gave us the large ones! Brain freeze!

ice cream

Olivia’s favorite thing to do right now is to sweep. She goes to the laundry room and asks for my Swiffer and pushes it around the house off and on all day. She even sweeps under the furniture! One less chore for me to do!


Got to love free Friday night entertainment at the Pet Store!


Love this precious, crazy, sweet, and ornery girl! She makes us laugh one minute and scares us to death the next with her antics. We got to spend some one on one time with her this week while Hannah had fun with her cousins.


life rearranged