The InstaFriday post is short and sweet this week… lots of fun this week but not a ton of pictures.

I LOVE that my kids are finally at an age where they can play together. It is not all day but it is enough that I feel like I can accomplish a few things around the house. It is a huge deal that there is someone else who can occupy Olivia’s time. Since the day she was born, she has been a mama’s girl and was generally unhappy unless she was in my arms. Thankfully, she is beginning to outgrow that some (but, she is still my girl in the end!).


I love the expression on Olivia’s face. She loves her big sister!

We took advantage of a slightly cooler day and the fact that all local schools have started back and took a field trip to the zoo. We needed to take a break from packing and were so excited to see the zoo’s newest addition, a baby Asian elephant. Once we arrived, we found out the zoo had not one, but two, brand new elephants born this summer. They were super cute and so tiny (as tiny as a 350 lb baby elephant can be!).

Fort Worth Zoo

This girl keeps me on my toes all day long. She is nothing like her sister. Hannah was (and still is) my easy going and cautious child. Olivia is a daredevil and has no fear! These are just a few of her crazy antics that she pulls in a day.


life rearranged