We are back for InstaFriday again! Here is just a little of what we have been up to this week.

Chet and I head to Buda, Texas (just south of Austin) last weekend. He spoke at a fundraiser event for a Children’s Home down there. The event was held at the coolest venue that we have ever been to. Two guys wanted to prove that being next to a landfill wasn’t as bad as it sounds so they built a gorgeous nature preserve next to and down wind from it. On the preserve, they built a very large meeting hall that resembles a lodge. The hall is about a mile from the road and to get to it, you drive through fields of zebras, caribou, emu, wildebeest, gazelle, and so many more. There are houses and pens for giraffes and rhinos. We didn’t bring the girls because the name of the place doesn’t even begin to describe this place: Texas Disposal Systems. They would have loved it! We were so surprised when we turned into the place!

Texas Disposal Systems Giraffe

I caught these two reading together one night while I was cooking dinner. I love how much they love each other!

This sweet girl has decided that school isn’t so bad but she still lets me know that she isn’t too happy with me leaving each morning. She has become so expressive lately! She yells for us from across the room to get our attention and then just jabbers away. Who knows what she is trying to tell us?! Of course, starting preschool means preschool germs so she ended up with a little stomach bug but it hasn’t really slowed her down any.


This little guy is almost six months old! Pluto is a very smart dog and is so very sweet, especially with the girls. He loves both of them and doesn’t seem to mind when Olivia tries to pick him up or smother him with her hugs. He has definitely brought more joy to our home and we are so blessed to have found the perfect dog for our family.


We really got back into our routine of school this week. It was a little difficult to get settled back in after being gone so long but it ended up being a great week. We are talking all about animals, their needs and their habitats this month in preparation for our visits to Sea World and the San Diego Zoo in a few weeks.

Sorting pinecones by size and shape.

This week, we learned about the Arctic and Antarctic animals and regions as well as the forest animals. We also did a mini-unit on giant pandas and polar bears since we get to see both in a few weeks.

life rearranged