I’ve missed doing InstaFriday for a while now. It is such an easy way to document the everyday, little things (in addition to the fun and crazy things) that make up our week. So, I am going to try to keep up and post them again {almost} every Friday.

This is what we have been up to this week (and, maybe some of last week, too!)

This cute girl got her hair cut last week. First major haircut since she was born! We’ve had it trimmed on occasion, but this time we cut nine inches off! She loves it. And I love less fights over brushing out the tangles! I don’t love that it aged her an entire year!


Our church as an awesome two-story playscape that is inside. Perfect for our hot summers! Except little bit has decided that she is as big as Hannah and has no fear climbing to the top. And she is fast, too! Guess who gets to go in after her!?


Love these three (and Pluto, too)!



Olivia loves her Pluto (or Tuto in her language). He loves her, too, especially when she sneaks him carrots and green beans from her high chair.


We have started homeschool! We decided that with all of our travels, we would approach it as a year-round model. That way, we can enjoy our vacations and time on the road and not have to worry about squeezing in school all day, too. We’ve been working now for two weeks and love it! I plan to share more about our setup and our day a little later.


I don’t think I realized how difficult it was going to be to occupy a one year old (especially one cutting six teeth at once!) while trying to teach Hannah. I am thankful that she will be off to preschool for two days a week later this fall! In the meantime, we are finding all sorts of activities and objects to play with. Her favorite thing to do is put objects into containers. She loves the Connect Four game!


life rearranged