We started back to school this week. It has been hard transitioning from holiday/ vacation mode back into routine and schedule but it was so needed for all of our sanity! We are actually home for a chunk of this semester so I am excited to see what it holds for us. I have several fun lessons and activities planned including a unit on plants and space as well as a large cross-curriculum unit on weather, seasons, our brain and heart all tied together with the Wizard of Oz. We are seeing the musical later this spring so I thought it would be fun to tie everything together with it.

This week was mostly reviewing, but we also learned about landforms and bodies of water. We learned about a couple each day and made a model of each with play-doh. Hannah then labeled each model and wrote a sentence about each one. I had originally planned to make a book with a page for each, but changed my mind to make it more hands-on at the last minute. It was definitely a hit! Hannah learned about each one by forming it with her hands. We even made our volcano “erupt” with the classic food coloring, vinegar, and baking soda experiment.

Landforms Unit Landforms - 2 Landform Unit Landforms Unit Landforms Unit
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