Olivia made a big transition this summer as we took down the baby crib for first time since putting it together almost seven years ago! It was time for her to move into a big girl bed (before she figured out how to climb out of the crib on her own).

Even though we still have Hannah’s twin size bed that she transitioned to after the crib, we decided to stick with the toddler bed for now. Olivia’s room is a little smaller than Hannah’s. Having the smaller bed makes the room feel that much bigger and gives her more space to play. (And it will be easier to move to a new house as we are planning to do next Spring!)

Toddler Girl Room

We didn’t make many changes… just moved some furniture around, added the toys and baskets of books. There is also a lego table that rolls out from under her bed. It is certainly not designer, but it is perfect for our independent girl.

Toddler Girl Room

Olivia picked out the bedspread. I usually prefer not to do character bedspreads because they can grow out of them so quickly, but I thought it would help the transition and she’ll outgrow the bed before she does Minnie Mouse!

She loves to come in here and play and loves her “big girl bed.” And, no, it usually isn’t this clean! She was at Mamaw and Grandad’s for the weekend when I took these pictures.

Toddler Girl Room

She has done really well with the transition. Except one night earlier this week where she fell asleep at 5:00 pm on our way to eat dinner. That short, late nap gave her the extra burst of energy to get up and turn her light on to play half a dozen times in the hour after bedtime. Chet came in from praise team rehearsal towards the end of that hour. She popped her head out the door saying, “Hi Dad! I take a nap.”

This was the only art work that I added to the existing ones. It is made from her old crib skirt and popsicle sticks. I still love this fabric! Olivia calls it her “it’s a small world” picture. The balloon reminds her of the ride.

Toddler Girl RoomSimple, cute, and practical… that is how I like to decorate my girls’ rooms!