I love having a routine again! The summer was a bit crazy without one and it makes such a difference in our day. This is what our day looks like during the homeschool day. Of course, it varies a bit by each day. And, there are days when it just isn’t going to work so we ditched the lesson plans and head out for a bit. But for the most part, we try to stick to the schedule as it keeps all of us happy!

No one in our family is an early riser! We have even trained the puppy to sleep in most mornings! The girls sleep until 8:00 most mornings. That gives me plenty of time to sleep in a bit and get ready before they even wake up. Hannah knows that if it is anytime after 8:00 when she wakes up, that I expect her to get up and let Pluto outside. She gets her breakfast, gets dressed, and makes her bed. She knows that I expect her to be ready around 9:00 each morning to start school. That is not a hard rule. If she needs to sleep in a bit, then she can most mornings. We can always work a bit longer if we need to.

Chore Chart

Daily Schedule and Chore Chart

I made this schedule/ chore board from an old glass door that we had laying around. It has a loose schedule for the day. The bottom half is Hannah’s chore board. Hannah thrives when she is able to be independent about getting things completed. She knows that she has to finish her chores before dinner so she can play on the Kinect after dinner. The schedule and chore cards are Instagram style pictures with text. The schedule ones are taped on with double sided tape. The chore cards are hung with Command Refrigerator Picture Hangers. That way, Hannah can put the completed chores in the bucket when she is finished. (I am still trying to decide what to do with the blank chalkboard at the top!)

Homeschool- Morning Work

Morning Board

We start our day each morning with our Morning Board. There, we review calendar skills, our words for the week, our number of the day, and the season and weather. Hannah finishes up her morning activities on her own in her binder. She graphs the weather, writes out the date, and does a bit more practice with our number of the day.

Homeschool Math

Squinkees make excellent math manipulatives for acting out story problems!

In the mornings, we work on Math, Science and/or Social Studies. Those are the easiest for us to do when Olivia is awake and into everything (ie. climbing onto the kitchen table!). Olivia plays for awhile on her own but she is happiest when she is sitting at the table doing her own activities.

One Year Old activities

Playing in the Kitchen

It only takes us about an hour to get it finished. Hannah then has extra time to explore the math manipulatives on her own, play, finish her chores or just do whatever she wants to do. We usually throw in a “Pluto Break” in the middle of the morning, too. Hannah takes the puppy outside to play with him.

Homeschool day

Learning about our place in the world.

We take a break for lunch and an episode of Phineas and Ferb. Hannah then works on her handwriting while I give Olivia some snuggles and put her down for a nap. We then practice Reading and Writing. Hannah heads to her own rest time where she reads, writes/ draws in her prayer journal, and plays. Afterwards, we have a quick snack. Hannah picks two centers for the day to complete and we are finished!

One Year Old Activities

One of the many activities I have made for Miss Olivia- putting paper straws into a hole that I cut into an old yogurt container.