The day before Ellie was born, we decided to be a little bit crazy and put down a contract to build a new house… with a clause in it that said we needed to sell ours within three months. Crazy… yes!

The company that we are building our new house with matched us with an incredible realtor as part of their buy and sell program that gives us some back on our new house. She had our house sold in one weekend and even found us a buyer that is willing to let us rent it until our new house is ready later this year. So, no moving with an itty bitty newborn or a double move. Such an amazing blessing!

She had professional photos taken to list the house. They are turned out amazing! I haven’t shown much of our home lately but we have really updated and changed a lot over the last few years. While it is staged to sell in these photos, it is pretty close to what our house looked like. (Not currently, we are beginning to pack up and there are boxes everywhere!)


Girls’ Bedroom


Dining and Kitchen






Living Room


Living Room





I will post more about our new house later. This picture is from a few weeks ago. Since then, they have added windows, shingles, siding, plumbing and wiring. Our brick and stone was also delivered this week!house