As much as we travel to the Disney destinations with our business and for vacation, we often hear, “Why the obsession with Disney?,” “Do you ever go anywhere else?,” “Your girls are so lucky to get to go so much.” Most of the time, we laugh it off saying it is part of the job and we enjoy it.

Several years ago we were asked, “When is your daughter going to realize that going to Disney World so much isn’t normal?” Normal?

Yes, we do visit Mickey Mouse a lot. We’ve lost count on how many times we have visited each of the Disney Destinations. But who can say that isn’t normal for us? With social media today, we are more in tune with the daily lives of our friends and family. There isn’t one family that looks and does things like another. We are all different and that is the way it should be.

Right now, our normal is that we both work from home with our travel business. Chet travels across the country speaking a message of life to pregnancy centers, messages of inspiration to corporations and schools, and messages of hope to those seeking for more. We travel several times a year to the Disney Destinations. Some of that is for our business and some is just vacation time.

It is completely normal for our girls to have a dad with no arms and who uses a wheelchair. It is normal for Hannah to curl up in her dad’s lap for a Bible story. It is normal for Olivia to run up to him with open arms for a big hug. It is normal for him to wear his wedding ring on his toe and for me to hold hands with him by holding his foot.

It is normal for us to have ups and downs in our marriage. It is normal for us to try to figure out the moody five year old in the other room. It is normal for us to wonder how the one year old managed to get into the chocolate stash. It is normal for us to have to live completely gluten free because of Celiac disease. It is normal for our hallway closet to be filled with manipulatives, Elmer’s glue, and teacher’s manuals. It is normal for our kindergartener to head to our kitchen table for school instead of the school bus.

Our normal changes year after year, if not daily. Each day is a new day of discovering, adjusting, and making things work for our family. It is normal for me to feel lost at times, wondering if we are really on the right track. It is normal to want to share joys and blessings, triumphs and victories.

I am often told at Chet’s speaking engagements that I should get up and tell my story. Since that will NEVER happen (totally an introvert!), I decided to use this blog as my outlet. I used to think that my story wasn’t any different than anyone else’s and that no one would want to know it. It was the standard girl falls in love story. They get married, buy a house, have two kids, and get a dog. I know now that we all have different stories to share no matter what our circumstances are in life. It is our normal.