It was seven years ago that a sweet, little bundle arrived on a cold, snowy day much like we had yesterday. Every year, Hannah hopes that it will snow again on her birthday and she almost got her wish this year!


Our big first grader has grown and changed so much in the last year. She is no longer a preschooler, but has the mannerisms of a big kid. Conversations are so different than they used to be, but still just as fun. I love the way her mind works and the way she thinks about different things now.

Birthday Party 011Hannah loves school and is very smart. She loves to read. Her favorite books right now are Nancy Clancy, Ivy and Bean, and the American Girl Series (all chapter books!). She picks up on concepts very quickly and is always eager to learn more. We need more hours in the day to learn everything that she not only needs to learn but wants to learn as well!

Hannah's 2nd Bday in Texarkana 014Hannah is such a great big sister. She and Olivia get along very well and love spending time together. Hannah is already a little teacher, teaching Olivia her colors, shapes, letters, and numbers. They play school often and read Bible stories together. I know she will be a great big sister to Ellie when she comes along in a few months!

IMG_0038Hannah wants to be an artist when she grows up and is already off to a great start! She is very creative, always drawing pictures or making other creations. She gets so excited when we have an art project for school and loves learning about different types of art and artists. Hannah loves going to art class at a local art studio and always comes home with stacks of drawings and paintings.

IMG_0005Hannah has such a tender heart and has compassion for all those she meets. She loves her friends and would do anything for them. We recently adopted a little girl from another country to sponsor who is seven as well. Hannah prays for her and is genuinely concerned that she is getting what she needs.

Blue Sky Cruise 2013 - 28Hannah has a heart for worship and loves to sing. If she is in her room, her music is usually playing her worship music list. She requests different songs for her daddy to lead at church and loves to be with him when he is working with his praise team. I love to sit next to her during worship just to listen to her sing!

IMG_0040Hannah is such a big help around the house and is very responsible. She takes care of things that she is asked to do and will even take care of other things without being told. Just this week, she unloaded the entire dishwasher without being asked! Hannah loves her family and we love her so much!

EPCOT_ECENTR5_7083557035Happy Birthday to our sweet, silly seven year old!