Six years ago today, on a cold and snowy March day, this little bundle was born into our family. From day one, Hannah has been our easy-going, go with the flow, kind of girl yet independent and strong in her own way.

One Day Old

She is such a wonderful big sister and loves her little sister so very much! Hannah is so patient with her, loves teaching her new concepts and is genuinely excited when Olivia learns something new.

One Year Old

Life is never dull when she is around. Question after question, always chattering, always wondering… Hannah loves to learn and finds new things that she wants to study each day.

Two Years Old

Always ready to take on a new adventure, Hannah loves to travel and visit new places. But, she is just as content to stay home and play with her toys. I think her absolute favorite place might be on our couch with all four of us watching a movie.

Three Years Old

She is ever so creative with a love for the arts and music. Her playlist shuffles through every song on her iPod playing “Let it Go” from Frozen one minute to “Forever Reign” by Hillsong the next. Singing every word from her heart while sitting at the table with scissors, glue, and a paintbrush.

Four Years Old

So caring and passionate, Hannah loves her family and friends so much! She wants to make sure everyone else is having as good of a time as she is and doesn’t hesitate to include everyone.

Five Years Old

Her little heart is all for Jesus. Hannah loves to praise and worship, loves to read His Word, and loves to give her own money back to Him.

Six Years Old

 Happy Birthday to our sweet and sassy six year old! We love you so much!