So much has happened in the last nine years, yet there are days where it still seems like just a few months ago that we said, “I do.”

Rehearsal Dinner

Four babies (two in our arms and two in our hearts), two puppies, three new (at least new to us) cars, a rented apartment, a brand new house and mortgage, sleepless nights, potty training, terrible twos, homeschooling, two church positions, our own business doing what we enjoy, a speaking ministry to spread God’s love, an ambulance ride, emergency surgery, and ICU, a messed up back, major dietary and lifestyle change, countless trips to Walt Disney World, countless miles in the car, countless cruises to exotic locations, countless nights in hotel beds across the country, the day to day ups and downs of marriage, life and family…

Wedding Day!

And though, I could have done without some of those experiences, all those things have made us who we are today and made me love you more than I ever knew I could.

Honeymoon in Walt Disney World

And, as I will be sharing you tonight with 3,000 other people as you tell them that everyone is worthy of God’s love, I want you to know that I am so proud of you, the life you have built for our family, and the love you have for us, for God and his people. I love you!