We wrapped up the month of March with a trip to see The Wizard of Oz the Musical. It has been recently updated by Andrew Lloyd Weber and it is fantastic! He took out many of the outdated parts (including the annoying the song, “If I Were King of the Forest”). Since we knew that the show was already on our schedule, I decided to make the whole month of March all about the Wizard of Oz. Almost everything we did for school tied back to the story.

Wizard the Oz the Musical

Wizard the Oz the Musical

For science, we learned all about weather and the water cycle. It helped that March provided us with so many different kinds of weather this year, too! From snow and ice to rainy days and rainbows to beautiful, sunny days, this month has been crazy!

weather unit

Learning about clouds and what makes it rain.

We talked about the different kinds of precipitation, temperature, and, of course, tornadoes. We also talked about meteorologists and what they do as well as charting our own weather each day. Hannah also learned all about the water cycle and how clouds are formed.

Weather Unit

Tracking the Weather
Project Credit: Karen’s Kids

We also read and copied several poems about weather and the water cycle.

Weather Unit

Raindrops with types of precipitation and an umbrella with the poem, “Rain”

For reading and writing, we read the Wizard of Oz (a shortened chapter book version) and learned all about how to map our stories (telling about the setting, characters, problems, etc.)

Story Mapping

Story Mapping the Wizard of Oz

Hannah made hot air balloons while we were studying words with a “Magic e” (words with a silent e).

Silent E Words

Magic E Word Balloons

We also did quite a bit of writing with this unit. Hannah had to write what she would do if she had ruby slippers and had to describe and compare several characters in the story. She also imagined up her own magical land like Oz and wrote about it. I love the Sugar Forest and that she wants to fight the dragon!

Wizard of Oz Unit

Creative Writing

In Art, we studied the color order of the rainbow and how they are made. I dyed Epson Salt the colors of the rainbow with food coloring for Hannah to practice her spelling words. Once she was finished, I dumped the salt into a large box for Olivia to play in. She loved it! Next time, we will play outside so I am not stepping on salt for a week!

Colored Epson Salt

Epson Salt Spelling Tray

Epson Salt Sensory Bin

Epson Salt Sensory Bin

For math, I found Wizard of Oz themed math pages to practice our math facts. We also used the rainbow to work on our ten facts. This is such a fun way to practice them!

Rainbow to Ten

Poster Credit: A Cupcake for Teacher

It was definitely a fun month and has given me several ideas for how I want to structure our first grade year. Now, if I could only stop singing… “We’re off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of Oz!” Happy Spring!