Everyday since Hannah’s birthday, Olivia has been telling us that it is her birthday now and she is not two anymore! And everyday, we have to tell her not yet but soon. Today is the day! Our little one who completely challenged many things I thought about raising children is three today!

From day one, Olivia has done things her own way and in her own time. She didn’t follow the textbook like Hannah had done, but she is exactly what this family needed.

She has really developed a sweet personality with a streak of stubbornness and independence. Olivia loves to give hugs and she tells us that she loves each of us individually several times a day. She is still my cuddle bug. She’d almost always rather be snuggled with one of us on the couch. She loves spending time with her family and friends but also enjoys the quiet moments of playing by herself. She absolutely adores our dog, Pluto. They play together everyday sometimes with her tackling him to the ground in a big bear hug… but he doesn’t seem to mind!

Olivia has quite the imagination. I love listening to her stories that happen as she is playing with her toys. She has recently started playing more with her baby dolls. She loves to feed them, rock them, and put them to bed. She is quite the little Mama.

Olivia adores her big sister and loves to be with her, doing what she is doing. Of course, they do have their sisterly moments but overall, they get along wonderfully.

Olivia likes to do her “school work” while Hannah is working on hers. She gets out her pencil and crayon bin along with her own composition notebook and is very serious about her work as she sits next to Hannah. She is very smart just like her big sister and picks up easily on concepts. She loves going to her preschool at our church and runs in to her class with a quick “Goodbye!”

Olivia has reached the age of “I do it myself!” She wants to be very independent and big. She loves to help around the house. She willingly sweeps (with her mini sweeper), cleans up her toys, sets the table and cleans up her dishes after a meal.

Happy Birthday, sweet girl! We love you!