When we first moved into the house, Chet worked for a different travel agency and I was working with the school. In the office, all we needed was Chet’s desk, a file cabinet and table for me to put my laptop on. We had a small IKEA couch and a huge TV from the 1970’s. It was one of those that was a piece of furniture in the wood box.

We opened Off to Neverland Travel seven years ago this November. The office has evolved with the changing needs of our company as well as our family. Chet’s speaking ministry brought the need to store his books. We used to receive all of the travel documents for our clients here and then ship them out to our agents. While that is taken care of at a different location now, we still have a need to store Disney paraphernalia and promotional materials for our agents to give to their clients.

The latest transformation of the office is by far my favorite. I have finally figured out what my style is and how to achieve it. We have been slowly updating our house over the last couple of years with a lot of it happening in the last six months.

Travel Office UpdateThis is technically our entry way but I almost consider it an extension to our office. The walls used to be basil green, but it was way too dark for the space. The only natural light we get here is from the office window. I made the Disney subway art several years ago. Hannah calls the door knob our “Alice in Wonderland” door knob. I have been trying to figure out a way to display our Instagram photos. I am very pleased with how it turned out and the clothes pins holding the pictures will make it easy to change.

I don’t really know how to describe my style. I love clean lines and spaces with an overall vintage funky junk feel. In the office and entry, I wanted to decorate with Disney but it still needed to fit within our style.

Travel Office Update with Custom Window Seat

Travel Office Update with Custom Shelves

We had these shelves custom built and my dad painted and installed them for us and built the window seat in between. They add so much needed (hidden) storage that we needed (especially for my sanity!). I decorated them with souvenirs from our various Disney trips as well other Disney travel and Off to Neverland related things. The Mickey Mouse painting was a gift from the Walt Disney Travel Company when we reached a certain goal. It is an actual painting and not a poster print! The stuffed Minnie on the top was mine from my first trip to Disneyland in 1987.

Custom Disney Crates

This was one of my favorite projects for the office. I stained a couple of crates from Joann’s and transferred and painted the image to give it an vintage feel. The image is the old style of Disneyland and Magic Kingdom ticket system blown up. The each hold Mickey ears from their respective destinations.

Embroidery Hoop Light Fixture

This was my second favorite project. I made it from embroidery hoops that I stained the same color as the crates. I based it off of the instructions that I found here. It hangs above Chet’s desk. I love the old style Edison bulbs!

Vintage Disney Posters in Travel Office

We bought these posters last year when the Disney Parks released the calendars. We were fortunate enough to be traveling to both Walt Disney World and to Disneyland so we have posters from both parks. The girls love to come in and see their favorite attractions.

Travel Office Update Travel Office Update

It took me forever to find the perfect map for our office. I knew I wanted something to take up the whole wall, that was in muted colors with a vintage feel. I thought fabric would be best because I wanted to be able to put pins in it. I finally found this shower curtain here. Except that it doesn’t show Alaska and Hawaii, it was reasonably priced and perfect for what I wanted. I mounted it in front of foam board so we wouldn’t damage the wall and rolled the top so it gave the feel of an old school map. I have pinned tiny pictures of our travels as well as cut outs of each of the Disney Destinations.

Travel Office Update

I am very pleased with how the office turned out. And just because I like to keep it real… this is what our office looks like 70-80% of the time… filled with boxes. We have so much inventory that comes in and out on a weekly basis, there are many times that I don’t have a chance to unpack and put away everything. (I think Chet just likes to build a fort around his desk!)

Our Beagle, Pluto

Every good Disney Travel Office needs a dog names Pluto! If you look closely at the window seat, you can see he has his own special place just for him (until Olivia tries to climb in with him). Can you believe this little guy is full grown?! I love that we have a dog that will always look like a puppy!