This is our third full week of homeschool and I think we have finally reached our groove and have a routine down. (Just in time for the fall travel season to begin!) It is so much to see Hannah learning, growing each day, and discovering new things. We still have our rough moments but there is no doubt that this is exactly what our family needed to do.

Homeschool Math

Hannah learning about ten frames (and a cute photo bomber at the table!)

We have so many exciting plans for the year! Rather than a boxed curriculum set, I decided to piece together our curriculum with ones that fit Hannah’s learning style and ability.

Homeschool Math

Playing on the light table with pattern blocks.

For math, we are doing Saxon Math. It is a spiral curriculum that teaches basic skills in a pattern so you keep returning and adding to each skill. The curriculum is good but it seems a bit basic for Hannah. She has completed two months worth of lessons in about two and half weeks. I am trying to decide if I want to stick with it to see if it picks up any complexity or to try something new.

I am teaching Hannah to read using a series called Explore the Code. It breaks it down into basic phonics. I love it so far! Hannah has picked up so much in the last couple of weeks and is reading the Bob Books that I pair with it with no trouble at all. She is already writing like crazy! We write everyday even if it is just in her journal.

I am really excited about our Social Studies and Science plans. There is so much available on the internet that I didn’t feel like it was necessary to pick up curriculum for each. I am planning the lessons around the Texas State Standards as well as her interests and our travel plans. Later this year, we are planning to go to Sea World and the San Diego Zoo. Before we go, we will study ocean animals as well as a mini unit on pandas. Next year, we are thinking about stopping at NASA before we leave on a cruise. If so, we will do a study of our solar system.

The Rainbow Fish

Hannah made her own Rainbow Fish after we read the story.

For Bible, I found a simple curriculum online called the ABC’s for Godly Girls (found here; there is a boy’s version, too.). It was put together by another homeschool mom. Each week, our letter stands for a word that teaches about God as well as Christian virtues and values. We expand on the lesson each week by adding in other Bible stories as well as secular stories to help the girls understand. Last week, our letter was B for Beauty. We talked about how God wants us to be beautiful on the inside. We read The Rainbow Fish and watched VeggieTales: SweetPea Beauty. This week our letter is C for Courage and we are learning all about Queen Esther.

Activities for a one year old

Finger Painting in a Ziploc Bag

Olivia is still too young and too busy for much of what Hannah does. But, she loves to have her own work to do. I have put together a box of things for her to explore. It contains several sensory bottles (ie. noisemakers) and other sensory objects. Many of the objects help her develop her fine motor skills. She loves putting any small object into a bigger one no matter what it is. When she is able to, she loves to do whatever Hannah is doing!

Activities for a one year old

Olivia loves this activity! Inserting old baby spoons into a washed out McDonald’s shake container.